suNEARth – Interconnections in frequencies

PIFcamp, 19. julij ― suNEARth is an interface translating radio sun observations into compositions with field recordings collected on Earth. A composition follows a linear data spectrogram which is translated into sound using visual pattern recognition. The algorithm searches through the collected and archived field recordings and finds the best visual matches in the audio spectrograms. In this way, … Continue reading suNEARth – Interconnections in frequencies The post suNEARth – Interconnections in frequencies appeared first on PIFcamp.

Scrolling Soil by Saša Spačal

PIFcamp, 17. julij ― In the current era, characterized by a diminishing empathy towards the non-human agents of our ecosystems, the essence of our relationship with the soil is under scrutiny as well. The “Status of the World’s Soil Resources” report, published by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2015, illuminates a paradox: while our understanding of soil … Continue reading Scrolling Soil by Saša Spačal The post Scrolling Soil by Saša Spačal appeared first on PIFcamp.

Spomin na COBISS pred internetom

COBISS, 17. julij ― Računalniški muzej, od 2022 s stalnimi prostori na Celovški cesti 111 v Ljubljani (zraven Kina Šiška), že 20 let ohranja informacijsko dediščino in širšo javnost izobražuje o zgodovini računalništva. Tri dni na teden smo odprti s stalnimi in občasnimi razstavami, cel teden pa izvajamo vodene oglede za šolske in druge zainteresirane skupine, otroke v starosti od … Preberi več "Spomin na COBISS pred internetom"

Modulating Time

PIFcamp, 15. julij ― Modulating Time is a collaboration between artists Lizzie Wilson, Alex McLean, and Mika Satomi. Together, they will explore connections between e-textiles and live coding, including modulating time in live coding performance through movement tracked via sensors and machine learning. Mika is interested in developing a physical wearable device that senses the tempo and pattern of … Continue reading Modulating Time The post Modulating Time appeared first on PIFcamp.

Kubus & Mindful Food Design

PIFcamp, 11. julij ― As part of KUBUS Fransisca Tan will offer insights into her work as a food experience designer and creative producer. Join her for sensory explorations connecting food, ecosystem thinking and mindfulness.  She will dedicate some of her time to further develop and prototype on two of her ongoing projects: ArtEO: Environmental Data for Artists & … Continue reading Kubus & Mindful Food Design The post Kubus & Mindful Food Design appeared first on PIFcamp.

Kubus base

PIFcamp, 10. julij ― █▄▀ █░█ █▄▄ █░█ █▀   █▄▄ ▄▀█ █▀ █▀▀█░█ █▄█ █▄█ █▄█ ▄█   █▄█ █▀█ ▄█ ██▄ An experimental platform with open ends – a temporary laboratory is to be created KUbUS bASE is an interdisciplinary and process-oriented platform that invites continuous transformation throughout the week. The open cube can serve, for example, as a workshop area, living room, performance space, sound installation, and projection surface. As a social … Continue reading Kubus base The post Kubus base appeared first on PIFcamp.

Cellular automata and sound composition

PIFcamp, 8. julij ― Michael-Jon Mizra is interested in how cellular automata can be used to aid musical composition and how to perform and control various synthesis processes, such as additive and subtractive synthesis, granular synthesis, and other synthesis processes based on signal modulation. He is inspired by the simple rules that lead to great complexity in systems such … Continue reading Cellular automata and sound composition The post Cellular automata and sound composition appeared first on PIFcamp.

Ionospheric Antenna by beepblip

PIFcamp, 4. julij ― The ionospheric antenna is a large copper coil designed to capture the crackle of solar electromagnetic radiation. We will build three variations of different sizes to test which one best captures the music of the stars, faint electromagnetic events, and inaudible atmospheric very low frequencies. During summer storms, it should also enable the sonification of … Continue reading Ionospheric Antenna by beepblip The post Ionospheric Antenna by beepblip appeared first on PIFcamp.

Circular Chromatography by 2024 PIFresident Julian Chollet

PIFcamp, 3. julij ― Soil, earth, dirt, mud… the stuff we walk on, sit on, sometimes even sleep on. It’s where we grow our food and bury our dead, the foundation that makes our planet livable for everyone – except maybe some water creatures. This mysterious substance is everywhere, yet most of us rarely give it a second thought. … Continue reading Circular Chromatography by 2024 PIFresident Julian Chollet The post Circular Chromatography by 2024 PIFresident Julian Chollet appeared first on PIFcamp.

“Sonifying frequencies” by Bernhard Rasinger

PIFcamp, 2. julij ― Elektrosluch Mini City is a DIY kit of Elektrosluch, an open-source device for electromagneticlistening. It allows one to discover sonic worlds of electromagnetic fields, surrounding our every step.Just plug your headphones & explore. Concept & electronics were developed by Jonáš Gruska. Elektrosluch Mini kit is easy to assemble; there are very few components to solder. … Continue reading “Sonifying frequencies” by Bernhard Rasinger The post “Sonifying frequencies” by Bernhard Rasinger appeared first on PIFcamp.

p/q – Rational number decimals as rhythmic pattern

PIFcamp, 1. julij ― In this project, Ingo Randolf is searching for repeating decimal numbers to use the repeating patterns as rhythms. To do so, a pattern-recognition algorithm finds repeating patterns in a brute-force method of dividing prime numbers. These patterns will then be used as input to a rhythm machine. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written … Continue reading p/q – Rational number decimals as rhythmic pattern The post p/q – Rational number decimals as rhythmic pattern appeared first on PIFcamp.

Open Saturday 2024 & PIFcamp celebration

PIFcamp, 28. junij ― 🎉🎉🎉 PIFcamp Celebration! 🎉🎉🎉An evening of AV performances celebrating 10 years of PIFcamp! Open Saturday, August 3, 2024 | 8.30 PMKluže Fortress, Bovec You are invited to the grand finale of the 10th PIFcamp edition, which will conclude at Kluže Fortress on the night of August 3rd. Join us as we celebrate a decade of … Continue reading Open Saturday 2024 & PIFcamp celebration The post Open Saturday 2024 & PIFcamp celebration appeared first on PIFcamp.

Biofabricated soft robots and inflatables by Marisa Satsia

PIFcamp, 28. junij ― What does molecular gastronomy and biofabrication have in common and what do these techniques have to do with the fabrication of soft robots?  Through this project Marisa Satsia would like to continue her research of bringing molecular gastronomy and biofabrication techniques into the making of soft robots and inflatables. She will be exploring and working … Continue reading Biofabricated soft robots and inflatables by Marisa Satsia The post Biofabricated soft robots and inflatables by Marisa Satsia appeared first on PIFcamp.

Ethical Hardware Workshop at PIF

PIFcamp, 27. junij ― It is an open secret that the hardware in our smart devices contains not only plastics but also conflict minerals such as tungsten, tin, tantalum, silver, and gold. Hence, technology is not neutral. In this workshop, we investigate alternative hardware made from locally sourced materials, known as ethical hardware, to develop and speculate upon renewable … Continue reading Ethical Hardware Workshop at PIF The post Ethical Hardware Workshop at PIF appeared first on PIFcamp.

Diving Into the Posthumanist Practice

PIFcamp, 20. junij ― Tamara Lašič Jurković is an interdisciplinary designer, researcher and teaching assistant specializing in design theory, who plans to host a workshop PIFcamp to create a local version of the collaborative game Left With a Memory, present her project Hacked Meditation and refine her PhD topic proposal. All three endeavours—the PhD topic and the two projects—are … Continue reading Diving Into the Posthumanist Practice The post Diving Into the Posthumanist Practice appeared first on PIFcamp.
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