Brewing Beer for Hackers

Brewing Beer for Hackers

PIFcamp, 23. julij ― ## SPEED BREW BEER HACK Experimentation, maths, science, tech geekery and data collection that is only possible by drinking lots of beer… All this makes brewing the perfect hobby for the hacker! Hackers make great homebrewers!  In this workshop you will learn how to brew a beer and get all the information you need to … Continue reading Brewing Beer for Hackers The post Brewing Beer for Hackers appeared first on PIFcamp.

Dr. Rhythm’s new brain!

PIFcamp, 22. julij ― Doctor Rhythm 110 (DR-110) was the last completely analog rhythm machine made by Roland. It was released under its subsidiary company BOSS in 1983. The sound is completely analog and somehow comparable to its TR-808 predecessor, and the sequencer is digital. The performance of digital devices at the time was very limited compared to today, … Continue reading Dr. Rhythm’s new brain! The post Dr. Rhythm’s new brain! appeared first on PIFcamp.

Wavescope v2.0

PIFcamp, 21. julij ― Wavescope, the lighting project by Janez Grošelj, deals with an abstracted visualization of lightwaves as a phenomenon that can transfer energy, light, sound and information through space. The specificity of various forms of waves, all kinds of oscillations around a stable equilibrium are reflected, in spite being generally omnipresent, in the fact that they are … Continue reading Wavescope v2.0 The post Wavescope v2.0 appeared first on PIFcamp.
DIY Laserworkshop with Lissajous

DIY Laserworkshop with Lissajous

PIFcamp, 20. julij ― It was the mid 19th century, when a relatively young physicist from Versailles tried to impress the ladies of his entourage by attaching two tiny mirrors to tuning forks and drawing knotlike shapes with light against the wall. The dames of his time were hardly impressed. Little did the physicist know that in the 21st … Continue reading DIY Laserworkshop with Lissajous The post DIY Laserworkshop with Lissajous appeared first on PIFcamp.

Music from the Retrofuturist Universe

PIFcamp, 20. julij ― At PIFcamp, beepblip (Ida Hiršenfelder) is going on an expedition to the vast universe of retrofuturist sound with the extensive construction of a do-it-yourself analogue synthesizer —The Music from Outer Space Sound Lab ULTIMATE. The synth contains all the basic and some extended building blocks for modular synthesis. The project is a tribute to the … Continue reading Music from the Retrofuturist Universe The post Music from the Retrofuturist Universe appeared first on PIFcamp.

DIY Microbial Fuel Cells

PIFcamp, 19. julij ― This is an ongoing project by Julian Chollet fuelled from a deep fascination with microbes and a hacker style approach to technology. The integration of multiple scientific disciplines (microbiology, chemistry, electronics, etc.) is a great starting point for the PIFcamp style of open collaboration and it is not clear at all what will come out … Continue reading DIY Microbial Fuel Cells The post DIY Microbial Fuel Cells appeared first on PIFcamp.

IFLA Green Library Award 2021 – Knjižnica Franca Ksavra Meška Ormož med najboljšimi na svetu

COBISS, 19. julij ― »Dajanje zgleda ni glavni način vpliva na druge; to je edini način,« je dejal Albert Einstein. Za te modre besede znanega fizika in matematika bi lahko rekli, da pravzaprav predstavljajo temelj oz. osnovo zelenih knjižnic, ki s svojim delovanjem dajejo zgled tako svojim uporabnikom kot drugim knjižnicam, kako lahko vsak izmed nas, vsak posameznik, vsaka … Preberi več "IFLA Green Library Award 2021 – Knjižnica Franca Ksavra Meška Ormož med najboljšimi na svetu"

An exercise in muscle powered sound synthesis

PIFcamp, 16. julij ― We will convert hand-crank powered flashlights to off-grid sound machines. What could be the hurdy-gurdy of a post-apocalyptic world, will be built from used electric torches and scrapped electronics. The outcome of this endeavour will be situated anywhere between musical instrument and ritualistic artefact of cacophony. When playing the sound tool, the movement of the … Continue reading An exercise in muscle powered sound synthesis The post An exercise in muscle powered sound synthesis appeared first on PIFcamp.
Tattoos&&Tales from the Making

Tattoos&&Tales from the Making

PIFcamp, 15. julij ― This is a project by a small group of Spiel&&Object humans, who are coming to PIFcamp to tattoo and tell stories! Join the tattoo artists Leoni Voegelini, Rodolfo Costa Castro, Julian Jungel and Hannah Perner-Wilson! Tucked away under the shade of a tree, a pop-up tattoo studio by day, at night transforms into a stage for telling tales … Continue reading Tattoos&&Tales from the Making The post Tattoos&&Tales from the Making appeared first on PIFcamp.

DIY ambisonic dome part 2: Live coding in ambisonics

PIFcamp, 13. julij ― The DIY ambisonic dome 2 is a continuation of last years project by Blaž Pavlica, who experimented with spatial sound synthesis and processing. This time Blaž will experiment with synthesis of the 3D sound fields and new sound effects possible in ambisonics format with the SuperCollider programming and livecoding environment. Ambisonics is a spherical surround … Continue reading DIY ambisonic dome part 2: Live coding in ambisonics The post DIY ambisonic dome part 2: Live coding in ambisonics appeared first on PIFcamp.
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