On Connections and Museums Facing Crises in Villa Zlatica

Forum slovanskih kultur, 25. oktober ― First seminar of the International Golden Museological Programme Villa Zlatica with the title Connections and Museums facing Crises, which took place between 22 to 24 October in Villa Zlatica, Ljubljana, was focused on current crisis issues and their connections with the museum’s theory and practises. The main goal of the programme was to open the broad discourse about the role and missions of museum institutions in this unstable, critical and difficult time.

FSK at The Frankfurt Fair with a Discussion on Translation and Cultural Contacts in Times of War

Forum slovanskih kultur, 22. oktober ― As part of the Slovenia, guest of honour programme at the 75th Frankfurt Book Fair, the FSK organised a discussion entitled Translations in times of war: Slavic literary contacts in times of armed conflicts and political confrontations, featuring Slovenian Drago Jančar, Ukrainian writer Oksana Zabuzhko, Georgi Gospodinov from Bulgaria and Serbian author Aleksandar Gatalica. The discussion was moderated by Mladen Vesković, Editor-in-Chief of the 100 Slavic Novels collection.

Women Writers Route Receives the Council of Europe Cultural Route Certificate at a Formal Ceremony

Forum slovanskih kultur, 15. september ― The Women Writers Route (WWR), which links seven countries and is dedicated to women authors from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and their inspiring life and literary stories, was awarded the certification of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe last year, becoming the 48th European Cultural Route to be awarded this prestigious title and the first to be based in Slovenia, and this year it was awarded the certificate at an official ceremony in its home country.

Transformations: from the Slavic Clothing Tradition to Contemporary Designs

Forum slovanskih kultur, 10. september ― From 6 to 26 September 2023, the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade hosted the exhibition Transformations: from the Slavic Clothing Tradition to Contemporary Designs, the result of collaboration between the Forum of Slavic Cultures, the Museum of Applied Art (Belgrade) and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia. The exhibition was curated by Stanislava Vauda Benčevič.

FSK Meeting with Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and “Etar” Museum Representatives

Forum slovanskih kultur, 20. avgust ― The Forum of Slavic Cultures is actively engaged in its 2024 activities. In August, director Andreja Rihter held a work meeting with officials from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the Regional ethnographic open-air museum "Etar." The primary purpose of this meeting was to enhance collaboration and discuss the upcoming Živa 2024 award ceremony.
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